• SJH Financial and Scott Herckis Can Help Your Business Thrive

  • Posted on March 15, 2018
  • Before Scott Herckis established SJH Financial, to help businesses be the best they can be, he spent what many would consider a career - 17 years - at Arthur Andersen. While he was at the accounting legend, he worked with a number of large corporate clients, including Sheraton Hotels and Cadbury Schweppes. He also used his time there to get his CPA. Of course, when he left Andersen, didn’t stop when he left that company, though; over the years, he continued to work in accounting and finance, with companies in the fashion and apparel industry as a controller, then a Vice President of Finance, and finally a CFO.

    Scott Herckis

    It’s perhaps that experience that makes Scott Herckis and SJH Financial different from many other financial counselors; he has a real world ability to communicate everything to his clients when it comes to every aspect of finance. They have the proven ability to help your business the best it can be. He worked hard to put himself in a position to help others. He started by earning a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting at the University of Texas, Austin and followed that up by earning a CPA as he worked with the Audit and Assurance Department at Arthur Andersen for five years.

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